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All hotel guests on TripAdvisor have rated it 5 stars.

Our clients love the beds and the room they are in has become the most sought after in the whole Spa. The beds give the dreamy feel our clients love to let go into, and the benefits of the rocking movement are clearly evident - most people fall asleep and even it's for 20 minutes, they wake feeling totally refreshed and blissed out.

The Water Garden Spa and Wellness Retreat

(Ojai Secret Garden)“Everything about this place was stunning. The amenities, hospitality, the privacy and the heavenly scenery.The finishing touch on this magical place however, was the Floating Bed. I have never seen anything like it. It was like being rocked to sleep in the arms of God. “

Guest: Arthur Ly (San Francisco, CA) Trip Advisor,5 of 5 stars.

(Topia Inn) “The Floating Bed was Amazing. The room I booked was the Hawaiian Room with a Floating Bed. I was skeptical at first but ended up having the best sleep I have ever had in years.”

Mikefahn Sept 22, 2010 TripAdvisor Review. 5 of 5 stars.

(Topia Inn) “My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to stay in the Aloha room with its amaaazing Floating Bed! I was really excited for this and it ended up everything I hoped. Amazingly comfortable and I slept like a rock.”

Roselilli, March 2011, TripAdvisor, 5 stars

(Adventure Suites) . My boyfriend and I stayed at the Dragon's Lair, a fun, relaxing, romantic suite with a big, Floating Bed! I wasn't too sure if I'd like it or not, but I ended up falling in love with that bed.

ElmStreetNH. 5 stars.

(Topia Inn) I stayed in the Aloha room because I wanted to try out the Floating Bed. It was so comfortable!!!

Anonymous, B&, May 2011

(Adventure Suites)... I expected it to be good, but it was AMAZING.

JovaniSkye. 5 stars.

This is really nice! And relaxing, I gotta be honest.

Steve Schirripa, The Jay Leno Show

I have enjoyed my Floating Bed for a full year now and I love it. I have it hanging from a tree on my front terrace. Whenever I entertain outdoors it is a very popular lounging attraction for my guests. During the warm summer nights I often sleep outside on my Floating Bed, which I have surrounded with a lovely white mosquito net. I can't describe how wonderful and romantic it is lying down and looking up at the night sky and full moon. People ask me if the swinging is bothersome. I always answer, "It's like being cradled and rocked to sleep by your mother. The movement is also very sensuous and I might add, is really great when making love, since it gracefully moves with one's motion - (smile). Thanks, John, for creating such a wonderful pleasure and unique conversation piece in my life.

Diane Porchia, Topanga Canyon, CA. See her at:

The floating bed enhances my whole house. It's sculptural beauty is actually surpassed by the joy of relaxing in it. I use it every day and all of my friends make a path to the bed practically before saying hello when they come to visit me.

Teodora W., Sophia, Bulgaria

The floating bed is dream of both parents & kids. It's instant child care! Now when we have a party the adults can actually have time together. The kids will stay on the bed the whole party. It's strong too-indestructable.

Grace S., Northern California

What a great new way to sleep and relax.

Mike Love, The Beach Boys

This bed was made for love! It's not a static or closed in space, but a free moving sensuous tantric swing. My girlfriend and I can spend hours and even days in the Floating Bed. It is a lovers dream experience for coming together in a fluid motion.

Quentin W., Harbin Hot Springs

I received an unexpected side benefit after sleeping in it for 2 weeks my life-long motion sickness was cured, even though at first I was afraid to even get in it because my sensitivity was so acute. Now I sleep in it every night and I am in love with the sensation.

Pati S., Fairfield, Iowa

Besides the improved rest, The Floating Bed provides something especially important to neurological development; movement. The effects of movement on the brain have been studied extensively. Some of the the benefits are diminished pain ,greater mind body coordination, improved balance, and higher cognitive function. Since the nervous system is affected directly, every thing gets better. The beauty of this is that unlike most things in life, these benefits come passively without any work. You just lie down on it, and the bed does it for you. Sleeping in it, people achieve deeper restfulness than with stationary beds. Aside from all the technical information, did I mention how much fun it is?

Dr. Jonathan R., Chiropractor, Santa Rosa