Frequently Asked Questions 

The following questions and answers may clarify any uncertainties you have. If you still have questions, call us now at 888-528-6031

It looks great, but will my ceiling hold it?

Yes, Your Ceiling Will Hold!

We have never had a home where it could not be installed. This is the most frequent question, but it's not a real problem. With our installation guide, any ceiling will hold the Floating Bed. (Just as your floor can easily hold the weight of several people standing on it, and you never have to think about it.)

It’s a simple matter to distribute the weight over a suitable area of the ceiling, which we explain on the phone and in the instructions. A reasonable carpenter can hang one in most rooms in 4 - 8 hours. We do recommend professional installation, which usually costs about around $400 - $600. Elaborate, highly artistic installations or unusual rooms can take more time, costing a bit more.

Another option is the indoor or outdoor stand.

It looks like fun, but I don't think I would like all the motion.

Many onlookers initially have this question. Ironically, nearly all users want more motion, not less, after a few nights’ use. It actually settles down too soon after rocking for them. However, it can be tethered to reduce the motion if desirable.

How do your 6'6", 7'4", and 8' size Floating Beds compare to Double, Queen and King size beds? And what size sheets fit the Floating Bed?

Click here, or for more detail, just call now for the free pre-installation guide: F Bed Size vs Q & K & D beds

What's so great about it?

See the Benefits page.

Does it provide good back support and sleeping surface?

Yes. It has an (optional) Memory Foam mattress. However, all good quality Memory Foam mattresses have a different, fixed supporting material underneath. Memory Foam alone does not make the best mattress, because if it is thick enough to be comfortable, you sink in too deep. So we created an adjustable suspension underneath, which no other Memory Foam bed has.

The Floating Bed has leveraging hinges, which allow you to adjust the tension on the under support net to whatever tautness or firmness you prefer; soft, medium, or firm. (This is one of the many patentable features on your Floating Bed.) This under support is extremely strong yet completely flexible, so it conforms exactly to your body, and the net tension determines how deep you will sink in. This lets us use the ideal thickness of Memory Foam, so it can do the best job possible, AND you can adjust the firmness. However, the motion is what makes it truly great, and that is why it is the best, most comfortable bed anywhere. Whereas Memory Foam is the only claim to fame for many high-end beds, it is just the “icing on the cake” for the Floating Bed.

Why are they round?

  • Because ANY hanging bed will rotate, a rectangular bed, with protruding corners, actually takes MORE space in your room, and the corners cause problems. Round is the best shape for all hanging beds. The Omni-Pendulum motion is also smoother, and more relaxing than 4 point hanging beds.
  • The round shape, with our proprietary support weave, distributes the weight equally in all directions. It perfectly conforms to the exact shape of your body. (Rectangular shapes have unequal radial force vectors, and thus will have “creases” in the support.

How do I know if I’ll like it?

We offer a money back guarantee! See our Warranty and Return Policy on the pricing page. 

How many people can get in it?

With proper installation, it is strong enough to support 1000 lbs (5-6 adults). The typical practical space available for lying down in one is 4 adults in a Queen, or 5 in a King. Otherwise, many children can pile into it (1000 lbs worth)!

So why haven’t I heard of it, or seen one at my friends’ house?

This is a new product category, but experts are already recognizing it. It is called “The Bed of the Future,” at Disney World Resort® Innoventions at Epcot®. It has been approved by Medicaid for its health benefits for Autism, and it has many other health benefits as well. You could be the first one of your friends to have one.

How is it constructed, and how does it work? Is it durable, ecological?

The stainless steel hoop is made of 4 sections, and hinged. Developing this unique hinging feature and engineering it with sufficient strength took a long time, and the hinges are particularly important.

They allow the device to be shipped via UPS, and stored easily in a small box. (Impossible with most beds.) It also makes it easy for one person to carry it around. This reduces weight, shipping and transportation costs, and difficulties of other beds, and reduces our use of natural resources. Stainless steel, the main component by weight (and by cost), is among the most recyclable materials in existence, and with minimal care will last over 100 years. So it is built to last, not like most modern products which are made cheaply, to be disposed of in a few years. This all makes it very “green.” If you prefer, we even have hemp rope and an organic wool mattress, which make it “radically green.”

The bed comes with all cords properly attached, and everything ready in place. So after 2 tube joint insertions, one hinge unfoldment, and 6 bolts are tightened, the bed is ready for use very quickly, once a suitable attachment point is found, or created. All the materials are rated for indoor or outdoor use.

Why are there so many cascade lines (the cone-like cords that it hangs from)?

This better distributes weight around the frame, and provides practical and decorative options. The (patented) space between the Cascade Lines and the hoop holds sheets and bedding fast in place, in addition to the option of tucking them under the mattress as on a conventional bed. The Lines provides a place to lean against, or for the optional sofa backrest pillows, and they are quite useful for yoga and for other uses and positions. It provides support for the optional tent. Lastly, although the Omni-Pendulum Motion makes it nearly impossible to fall out, the Cascade Lines further minimize the possibility. (You can more easily fall out of a regular bed than a Floating Bed.)

However, it can be supplied with fewer (12) Cascade Lines if you like; call for advice.

Can it be customized?

Yes, we can advise on that, and we have many options to make it just right for you. Call us at 888-528-6031 and we'll help you find your perfect Hanging Bed!

How far will it swing, and how much wall clearance does it need?

Call for our pre-install guide.

This depends on several things, such as ceiling height, room furniture, how fast you get in it, and whether you tether it. Since the beds are large (even the Queen is 7’ 4” + in diameter), a room larger than 11 feet square is preferred. However, people have placed them in spaces narrower than 10.' Also, it can be tethered and used in a smaller space. We are happy to talk with you to see if you have the right space, so call for free advice.

How soon can I get one?

Call now to get yours! Shipping usually takes place about 3-4 weeks after you order, and costs about $249 (for Floating Bed & Memory Foam) in the 48 states.