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Revolutionary Floating Bed ® Spa Treatment

Distinguish Your Treatment OfferingsSpa Bed

The applications for the Floating Bed are numerous and revolutionary. It will also be unforgettable for your guests. Your spa will stand out, as there is nothing like this anywhere in the world. You will truly be among the first to share this great experience with your customers.

Floating Bed Spa Treatments

Includes Relaxation and energy balancing before, after, or in conjunction with: Massage, Aromatherapy, Color Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Steam, or create your own program after experimentation. Recommended pricing: $40.00/hour

Private or Group Sessions in the Floating Bedwomen on spa bed

It provides a place to let clients relax quietly by themselves, or to bond in groups.  It is an ideal place for patrons to “hang out” and receive easily recognizable treatment benefits unassisted. It is especially helpful when clients are early, or when you are behind schedule; no one objects to time in The Floating Bed.

Public Recognition

The Floating Bed was a big hit the LA Yoga Expo, the SB Spa Expo, we were just on the Jay Leno Tonite Show, and we are a main feature attraction at Cirque du Soleil show openings. The Bed has been used at other A-list events that are bringing public recognition to “The Bed” and the positive effects of relaxing with it.

The Benefits of The Floating Bed Pendulum Motion spa bed hanging

The Floating Bed is currently being used in spas for it’s relaxation benefits, unique quality of meditative rest, and the weightless, 
balancing effect on the lymphatic system that it provides.

Spa Treatment Benefits

Improved Immune System, Blood Production, Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System, Exercising Internal Organs, Cellular Activation, Spinal Balance

Enhance Your Spa Treatments, Increase Sales

The subtle yet appreciable rocking motion of the Floating Bed is distinctive, and your clients will come back for more. Some of them will ask to purchase a Floating Bed for themselves. This will be another sales opportunity for your spa, as you will receive sales commissions when your clients purchase one.

Highest Quality Construction

Stainless Steel hoop frame with adjustable tension, height, and angle hinge system (pat. pend.). Highest quality spun polyester rope is resistant to UV, water, cleanser, and oils.

Spa Package Components

  • Stainless Steel Floating Bed, large ( 8') or small (7'6")
  • Removable washable comfort pad,
  • Use and installation instructions.

Additional Options

Memory foam mattress or cotton futon, indoor/outdoor stand (portable or fixed use), custom ceiling & attachment hardware, mosquito net or privacy netting, and more.

Prices start at $2995. Call us for Spa Package pricing.

Dorchester Hotel Floating Bed Video


Spa Owner Testimonial

The Floating Bed sets the stage for tension release in my clients. We see immediate improvements in vitality, mood, and lymphatic circulation after it’s use. The unit paid for itself in the first week with treatment add-ons and client purchase commissions

Catie Norris, owner, Energy Essentials Spa, Malibu CA