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The Floating Bed is the healthiest way to sleep

Rocking increases blood & most importantly, lymphatic circulation

We all know the heart pumps blood & nutrients into the cells. But to carry toxins away from the cells, your body requires motion; the body’s drain system, the lymphatic system, has no pump. Doctors know that people without enough motion, or who are bed-ridden, quickly develop serious health problems. For example, after surgery, patients are required to get up & move around as soon as possible, even if exhausted and totally in pain. Rocking speeds post-operative recovery, and reduces pain; it actually feels good!

By reducing back pressure in the circulatory system, motion decreases swelling, all throughout the body.
Muscles & tissues stretch & relax. Soreness, aches, & pain diminish noticeably right away. It is much more relaxing than simply lying down. Reducing swelling is a fundamental principle of healing.

Rocking creates a pumping action that increases circulation between spinal discs and other joints, bathing your cells in fresh nutrients. The nervous system recognizes this and sends signals of pleasure, to encourage you to continue.

Research shows many benefits of Vestibular Motion Therapy

It increases learning, increases communication between the brain hemispheres, & helps balance them. Medical studies show benefits for Autism, ADD, CFS, & many health conditions (increased concentration, attentiveness, learning, balance, body awareness, more) - call for details on others & for therapy use. Since it is so much fun, children (& adults) want to use it.

Other benefits are being found at the frontiers of science. For example, rocking increases oxygen delivery to the cells. Your body burns food & oxygen to generate electricity to power your muscles & nervous system. Reduced oxygen to the cells results in chronic pain, suffering, and disease. Your cells are starved for oxygen until the lymphatic vessels remove toxins, blood proteins, and water. Rocking promotes this electrochemistry, turns on this “switch,” increasing overall health, energy, and alertness.

During rocking, lymphatic circulation increases while you are in a relaxed physical, emotional, and mental state. This is a very positive state for healing. Modern life is deficient in motion, which our ancestors got through activity. Motion is life.

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