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Where to hang it, how to hang it, and specific uses

It’s an ideal bed, and relaxation device. It’s an art piece. It’s an instant party, a natural gathering place for friends, or a special guest. This exotic round, hanging bed will be hard to keep your friends out of, if you show it to them.

It provides the best sleep possible. Unlike an old-fashioned round bed, even a 3-5 minute “pick-me-up” session on a Floating Bed will provide a significant energy boost, thanks to the increased circulation and cellular oxygenation that the motion provides. This is the best way to sleep, and relax.

There are several locations for a Floating Bed


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The Floating Bed can be suspended from anything that the top ring (Carabiner) can be attached to. All you need is a single structural point above the ground. This can be the ceiling, or a gazebo, overhang, tree limb, a beam or structure, or our stands.

Our tripod / 4-pod / pyramid stand can be used outdoors, and we have indoor stands too. Indoors, if you have access to an attic or room above, you may choose a mounting method above the ceiling joists. There are also below-ceiling mounting means to attach it to your ceiling, joists, or available beam or structural member. We even have an Add-A-Beam option.

Installation is not hard, but we recommend hiring a professional carpenter. It usually takes about 4-8 hours, occasionally more or less time, depending on your chosen room. We have thorough instructions on many mounting options. Call or email for details. Our large pyramid stand is great for outdoor use. It is made of 4”x4” lumber, joined with our Top Connector Bracket.

We have a heavy duty commercial Aluminum stand, and a light weight telescoping Aluminum stand, which is portable and can be used for a camping bed (if no tree is available). It will fit in a standard car; it collapses to less than 8’ in length. With our Mosquito net and tent cover, the Floating Bed is waterproof, and looks like a hanging teepee. It can be even be used as an inexpensive (and portable) home room addition, or as fast, temporary housing.

Floating Bed sizes and stylistic options


We make 4 sizes: Youth-6’, Double-6’ 6”, Queen-7' 4", and King-8' diameter.  The hoops have 2 hinged joints and 4 insert joints, for easy assembly, disassembly, and transport. It fits in a UPS-able size box, for easy shipping anywhere, worldwide. It can be checked as baggage on airlines. It will fit in almost any car.

Hoop Styles

There are 2 hoop finish options. You can choose stainless steel, if you like the modern, bright metallic look. Or we can add a fabric covered padded hoop perimeter wrap, for cushioning. We have several fabric styles to choose from, with Sunbrella indoor-outdoor fabric, rated for all-weather use.

We are glad to supply your bed with any combination of the above. We want to help you get what you want. Please see our Pricing and Options page or call us at 888-528-6031.

Other customization options

It can be made and/or adjusted for nearly any ceiling or hanging height.

If the room or space is small and there is scant wall clearance or swing distance available, you can get our adjustable elastic tether, or a weight kit. Use these to limit the range of motion, or totally change the feel of the motion to your taste.